What are the Common Mistakes of New Managers?

Posted by Bobby Morris on July 26th, 2017 — Posted in Perth Businesses

Resulta ng larawan para sa mistakes

Leadership has a huge effect to organisational performance whether positively or negatively – this statement is always true whatever way you look at it as this is borne out by the plethora of research that has been carried out over time.

What is leadership? It is an evolving science and needs to identify and understand ways in which good leadership can lead to increased employee participation, essentially asking the fundamental question of how leaders can create the right context in which employees become stakeholders and are able to perform at their best.

In its fundamental definition, leadership is the key to your employees, groups of employees, and the entire business performance. In this today’s tough economy, it makes sense to drive better performance that benefits both the organization and its employees.

All organisations (including yours) have culture – it can either be bad or good or indifferent and it affects business performance. It is the understanding of the culture that exists within your organisations is the key that will unlock the latent potential that exists within the business and within its people.

However, being the leader is not an easy job. Businesses today are facing many challenges than previously and the pressure of competition is growing all the time. Hence, you should not make any mistake if you want to stay on top of the competition.

Want to know the common mistakes leaders make? Read this: http://guides.wsj.com/management/developing-a-leadership-style/what-are-the-common-mistakes-of-new-managers

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