I asked 9 executives for the best ways to build a career you’re proud of, and came away with 5 key lessons

There is a very wide variety of careers that can be chosen. Because of very wide variety available, it has become a very big challenge to many young people. Many people have chosen the wrong careers without knowing and they end up getting messed up without any option.

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right: Adam Gorode, cofounder and CEO of AGW Group; Stephanie Sharlow, chief editor for DesignRush; Kinh DeMaree, technical talent partner for Moveworks; Sam Meenasian, director of operations at USA Business Insurance.

Knowing what career is to choose is normally not an easy task. There maybe some lucky few, who seem to be born with a sense of vocation, there are still a lot of people who struggle making the right decision. If you are finishing college or contemplating a career change, you might be wondering “What career is perfect for me?”

Those who wise up and sit down to weigh things over when choosing the right career do get the best out of their decisions. After all, no one wants to travel numerous kilometres only to find out they have travelled the wrong route. Choosing the right career is indeed more of a process rather than a one time thing that changes your trajectory in an instant.

Self assessment should be the first step to choosing the perfect career. It is one of the pivotal things you can do. You should assess your self first even before one immerses in a chosen profession. There are factors you need to put into consideration which include your skills, interests, and values, along with your very own personal traits.

Another helpful step you can take is getting help from a professional career counsellor. There are career development professionals who help individuals with self assessment and evaluate the various factors that play in one’s career choice.

Asking help can also help you a lot when choosing the right career. Some experts can help you pick the career that is satisfying and you are proud of.

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