How to use social media to establish your position

In today’s business universe, digital marketing is one of the most popular words we often hear. It is a holistic approach to do different types of marketing activities (including social media marketing) across different online platforms such as social media.

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Social media marketing

Digital marketing consists of a lot of strategies, but perhaps the most commonly used and most efficient way to promote products, services and brands is social media marketing. As new technologies emerge across the globe, this method gets upgraded on a regular basis. It has grown significantly over the past few years. So if you’re new to this marketing trend, you need to understand the basics of social media marketing.

Like other forms of marketing, social media is always evolving. People’s behaviours are changing, as are the technologies and capabilities of social media platforms. So what will be the key social media trends you need to know in 2019?

This 2019, there are some important things every social media marketing should consider. First of which is by showing your audience love and care. Yes, social media marketing nowadays is also about building a relationship and you have to be more responsive to the people who follow you. To begin with, you have to be authentic and timely. This means responding quickly to customer complaints, issues, and questions.

Another important thing to consider is the use of videos. Videos (both live and uploaded) are nothing new, but this year, your business should have a video strategy. Come up with good pieces of content that your audience can relate, interact and hopefully share with their friends.

You should also make use of chatbots as they are a hot trend right now. They have awesome open rates and are one of the most effective ways to reach and build audience engagement.

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